A Journey to the History of Philosophy Vol - 3.pdf

A Journey to the History of Philosophy Vol - 3

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

“...In this second division we have first to consider more particularly the Sophists, secondly Socrates, and thirdly the Socratics, while we distinguish from these Plato, and take him along with Aristotle in the third division. The νοῦς, which is at first only grasped in a very subjective manner as end, that is to say as that which is end to men, i.e. the Good, in Plato and Aristo-tle became understood in what is on the whole an objec-tive way, as genus or Idea.

Because thought has now become set forth as principle, and this at first presents a subjective appearance as being the subjective activity of thought, there now sets in (since the absolute is posited as subject) an age of subjective reflection

If what you are looking for is an objective history of philosophy, there is only one. This is it, Hegel’s Lectures on the History of Philosophy, in three volumes. Naturally this requires that one understand what ‘objective’, ‘history,’ and ‘philosophy’ mean, not just as arbitrary ‘definitions’ but as to their necessary concept.

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Volume three begins with the Church Fathers and ends with Kant, Fichte, and Schelling. Explores different foundations of philosophy throughout history Examines philosophy through the lens of Hegel's views on consciousness The Story of Philosophy. 615 Pages · 2010 · 37.56 MB · 16,742 Downloads· English. The Story of Philosophy: The Essential Guide to the History of Western Philosophy.


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10 TL. "...In this second division we have first to consider more particularly the Sophists, secondly Socrates, and thirdly the Socratics, while we distinguish from these Plato...