Middle East From The Perspective of American Congress : Iraq and Israel 1998 - 2008.pdf

Middle East From The Perspective of American Congress : Iraq and Israel 1998 - 2008

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The study Offers a timely and comprehensive examination of the role the modern Congress plays in foreign policy in general and in reference to the Middle East particularly in the period involving the latest developments in the Post Cold War period... The study shows how the resurgence of congressional activism marks a return to the pattern that was once the norm in American politics. He analyzes the distribution of decision making authority in Congress and offers a broader understanding of how the United States has designed its foreign policy prior to and in the course of the engagements in the Middle East with due emphasis on the influence of the Congress over the policy process.

The process of influence in overall terms represented in the study as a complex combination skillfully arranged Congressional resolutions, legislative directives, pressures, restrictions in combination with informal advice and oversight procedures enlightens the very essential aspects of the foreign policy. The study is suggested as a sound and reliable reference source for those interested in the particular aspects of American politics pertaining to foreign affairs.

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Baskı Yılı: 2012

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: İkinci Adam Yayınları

Just as Washington's concerns about the alleged threat from Iraq grew in inverse ... In fact, no Congressional resolution mentioned Hezbollah by name until 1998, ... Though lobbyists from the powerful American-Israel Public Affairs Co...

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