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My Fellow Traveller

Maksim Gorki

I met him in the harbor of Odessa. Fot three successive days his square, strongly built figure attracted my attention. His face, of a Caucasian type, was framed in a handsome beard. He haunted me. I saw him standing for hours together on the stone quay, with the handle of his walking stick in his mouth, staring down vacantly, with his black almond, shaped eyes into the muddy waters of the harbor. Ten times a day, he would pass me by with the gait of a careless lounger. Whom could he be?

I began to watch him. As if anxious to excite my curiosity, he seemed to cross my path more and more often. In the end, his fashionably, cut light check suit, his black hat, like that of an artist, his indolent lounge, and even his listless, bored glance grew quite familiar to me. His presence was utterly unaccountable, here in the harbor. The whistling of the steamers and engines, the clanking of chains, the shouting of workmen, all the hurried maddening bustle of a port, dominated ones sensations. They deadened ones nerves and brain. Eveyone else about the port was enmeshed in its immense complex machinery, which demanded incessant vigilance and endless toil.

Sayfa Sayısı: 64

Baskı Yılı: 2016

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Gugukkuşu

Faiz had travelled there as a guest of the Soviet government, the recent recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize.3 He was an ideologi- cal humsafar, or fellow traveller, and frequently a literal traveller within the Soviet sphere of influence.4 Neruda, by this time a staunch communist, had been awarded the Lenin Prize nearly a decade earlier and ...

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My Universities (1922) is based on his self-education, universities being closed to peasants such as himself. Ürün Sepetinize Eklendi! My Fellow Traveller Stage 1 (İngilizce Hikaye).


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My Fellow Traveller Stage 1 (İngilizce Hikaye) Dorlion Yayınevi. 3.59 (Aleksey Maximovich Pyeshkov) was born in Russia. Gorky's collection of short stories Sketches and Stones (1898), published by a radical pres. Foma Gordeyev (1899) was his first published novel. Russian author considered the father of Soviet revolutionary literature and ...