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Spicy Food (Lonely Planet Food and Drink)

Lonely Planet

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The follow up to the successful The Worlds Best Street Food, this title presents 100 spicy dishes with historical and cultural information, as well as instructions on how to make it at home. Smart and evocative photography illustrate every dish.

Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.
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The food here was superb, as was the service, and I ate what is now one of my favourite dishes, the ... These half-moon savoury pies flavoured with spices are Aruba's national snack. ... as it can only improve an already superb food s... Dec 31, 2010 ... World's Hottest Foods — Lonely Planet's Top 10 ... [via Lonely Planet] ... This one was so hot that I drank 6 glasses of green tea during the meal.

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The follow-up to The World's Best Spicy Food and The World's Best Superfoods, The World's Best Bowl Food is packed with one-pot wonders that will set you up for the day, warm the core, and humbly feed friends and family. Alongside each recipe, we detail the history and culture behind the dish, and include 'tasting notes' to help you enjoy it in ...


Explore the cultures behind the planet’s spiciest dishes, from Thai som tom, Indian dahl, and Korean kimchi, to Peruvian ceviche, Caribbean curries, and Nashville hot chicken.


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Start by marking "The World's Best Spicy Food (Lonely Planet)" as Want to Read About Lonely Planet Food: Food and drink is a huge part of the travel experience, and Lonely Planet has been... World's Best Spicy Food NEU Lonely Planet. About Lonely Planet Food: Food and drink is a huge part of the travel experience, and Lonely Planet has been scouring the globe for over 40 years...