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The Penguin Lessons

Tom Michell

A unique and moving real-life story of the extraordinary bond between a young teacher and a penguin, this book will delight readers who loved Marley & Me, Dewey the Library Cat, The Good Good Pig, and any book by Jon Katz.

In 1975, twenty-three-year-old Englishman Tom Michell follows his wanderlust to Argentina, where he becomes assistant master at a prestigious boarding school. But Michells adventures really begin when, on a weekend in Uraguay, he rescues a penguin covered in oil from an ocean spill, cleans the bird up, and attempts to return him to the sea. But the penguin refuses to leave his rescuers side. That was the moment at which he became my penguin, and whatever the future held, wed face it together, says Michell in this charming memoir.

Michell names the penguin Juan Salvador (John Saved), but Juan Salvador, as it turns out, is the one who saves Michell.

After Michell smuggles the bird back to Argentina and into his campus apartment, word spreads about the young Englishmans unusual roommate. Juan Salvador is suddenly the center of attention-as mascot of the rugby team, confidant to the dorm housekeeper, co-host of Michells parties, and an unprecedented swimming coach to a shy boy. Even through the collapse of the Perónist government and amid the countrys economic and political strife, Juan Salvador brings joy to everyone around him-especially Michell, who considers the affectionate animal a compadre and kindred spirit.

Witty and heartwarming, The Penguin Lessons is a classic in the making, a story that is both absurd and wonderful, exactly like Juan Salvador.

Sayfa Sayısı: 296

Baskı Yılı: 2015

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Michael Joseph

The Penguin Lessons is a unique and moving true story which has captured imaginations around the globe - for all those who dreamed as a child they might one day talk to the animals. ©2015 Tom Michell (P)2015 Penguin Books Limited. More from the same. Author. Pingvinlektionerna; Narrator. The Penguin Lessons The Penguin Lessons ... What he really doesn't need is a pet penguin. But when he spots a penguin struggling in an oil slick whilst in Uruguay he has to help. And then the penguin refuses to leave his side. Clearly Tom has no choice but to smuggle it …

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Charmingly illustrated with sketches of the Magellan penguin, Michell's memoir is affectionate, although never sentimental. The Penguin Lessons is published by Penguin (£7.99).


The penguin lessons. a true story. Tom Michell. The unique, moving and heartwarming true story of an unlikely friendship which captured imaginations around ...


5.11.2015 Witty and heartwarming, The Penguin Lessons is a classic in the making, a story that is both absurd and wonderful, exactly like Juan Salvador. Praise for The Penguin Lessons “I loved this book, and you will, too! It’s as charming, heartwarming, and surprising as a penguin on a roof terrace.


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