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Deception: Penguin Picks

Roald Dahl

Penguin Picks are stories youll want to read again and again. Beautifully and stylishly designed by a modern artist, they are not only stories youll keep coming back to but also books whose looks will never go out of fashion . . . 

From Roald Dahl, the master of the sting in the tail, a newly collected book of his darkest stories.

VENGEANCE IS MINE INC. will undertake, on your behalf and in absolute confidence, to administer suitable punishment and in this regard we respectfully submit to you a choice of methods (together with prices) for your consideration

Enter the dark and deceiving world of Roald Dahls stories for adults. Among ten tall tales of deception and cunning youll read about how revenge is sweeter when carried out by someone else, how to get away with the perfect murder, the old man whose wagers end in a most disturbing payment and the card sharp so good at cheating his life takes a sudden turn.

Roald Dahl reveals even more about the darker side of human nature in seven other centenary editions: Lust, Madness, Cruelty, Trickery, War, Innocence and Fear.
Paperback | 304 pages

What if everyone you love was snatched away or permamently changed? The sci -fi mystery deepens in Deception, book 2 of the Dark Matter trilogy, as teens... Glittering Gilded-Age New York holds its lavish charms--and a litany of deadly sins--as intrepid reporter Genevieve Stewart uncovers a trail of corruption...

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About Deception. Masterly storytelling and expert insight into the darkest of human compulsions make #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels as compelling as they are addictive. And just when you think he has taken his spellbinding tales of mystery and psychological suspense to the limit, with Deception he takes a bold leap into terrifying and uncharted ... 3.08.2018


Deception: Penguin Picks Paperback - 8 March 2018. by Roald Dahl (Author). Paperback: 304 pages. Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (March 8, 2018). Language: English.


Ad: Deception: Penguin Picks, Yazar: Roald Dahl, Yayınevi: Michael Joseph, Kategori: Kitap, Detay Kategori: Kitap Foreign Languages Literature And Novel Literature, Barkod: 9780718188498, Dil... Penguin Picks are stories you'll want to read again and again. Among ten tall tales of deception and cunning you'll read about how revenge is sweeter when carried out by someone else, how to get away...


About Mass Effect: Deception. An all-new adventure inspired by the award-winning videogame from BioWare! The universe is under siege. Every fifty thousand years, a race of sentient machines invades our galaxy to harvest all organic life-forms. They are the Reapers.


Buy Deception: Penguin Picks by Roald Dahl (ISBN: 9780718188498) from Amazon's Book Store. See this image. Deception: Penguin Picks Paperback - 8 Mar 2018. by.